Information for Visitors


1. Free to all visitors. Opening hours : 09:00—17:00 (Closed on Mondays) last admission at 16:30.

2. Visitors are supposed to line up to get the tickets with valid certificates in opening hours at ticket center or ticket machines. Tourist groups should make reservations in advance and are supposed to get visiting tickets with reservation numbers.

3. No entry for harmful things which can influence public health and dangerous things such as explosives or flammable items. No spitting, no littering and no smoking in the building.

4. Illegal Pyramid Schemes, assemblies are forbidden in the museum and no entry for peddlers and flier distributors.

5. Please be respectful of public order and obey the guards. Be mindful of public social morals, civility and dress tidily. Please observe the visiting rules. 

6. Luggage and small items can be left in the depositary. Please carry valuables with you.

7. Please don’t step over the exhibition barrier ropes or touch the exhibits and devices in exhibition halls. No flash photography.

8. Please pay special attention to safety. In order to avoid being hurt, please don’t monkey around and hit the glass of display cabinets.

9. Adults should supervise the children in their care and be sure to accompany them when using elevators. Relatives and friends should take care of old people who have mobility difficulties.  

10. Any damage to exhibits and public property would lead to compensation.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



                             Guilin Museum