Service Commitment of Guilin Museum


As a public cultural services department, Guilin Museum aims to provide service to the public and social development. In order to strengthen our industry culture construction and improve our service standard, we are now making a public commitment as follows: we will always insist warm, standard, humanistic and high-quality service concept, start with persevering in principles of “Three Nearness” (near to reality, life, and the broad masses), aim at “top-notch facilities, exhibitions, management and services”, and strive to offer visitors superior public cultural service. The details are as follows:

1. 9:00—17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday; and closed every Monday except national holidays, year-round.   No admittance after 16:30. Exhibition Hall is closed at 17:00 each day.

2. Providing clean, quiet and tasteful environment to visitors.

3. Nursery room and Service Center of Special Groups at the second floor are available for those who in need for free.

4. Museum clerks shall wear uniforms and signs, and should be enthusiastic and generous during the reception. Clerks are also demanded to speak in a civilized manner, serve with smile and answer with responsibility and care.

5. Sustain innovations and provide content-rich and diverse temporary exhibitions to visitors constantly.

6. Keep feedback mechanism running smoothly, and handle complaints from visitors timely and duly.  The suggestion box is placed at the reception desk on the second floor. Improve our service and ensure that every aspect is successful and every visitor is satisfied.

7. The museum will make a public announcement on official website or other media in advance when we need a temporary shutdown.
Guilin Museum will sincerely accept supervision from broad visitors and all sectors of society. We will continually improve our quality of service and adjust and complete our service commitment according to actual requirement.

Service Hotline: 0773-2897308

Complaints Hotline: 0773-2898862


Guilin Museum

January, 2017